Simply Fit Personal Training and Fitness Consulting


2 Week Program - $39

(Includes, meal plan, 5 cardio workouts and 8 weight training plans)

4 Week Program - $69

(2 meal plans, 10 cardio programs, and 16 weight training plans)

6 Week Program - $99

(3 meal plans, 15 cardio programs and 24 weight training plans.)

The above programs are standard programs and do not include coaching. Please note, these programs are gym only and not catered to in home workouts. (Unless, of course you have gym equipment in your home.)

Customized Online Training

4 Week Program - $200

6 Week Program - $300

12 Week Program - $600

The Above packages include a customized meal plan (containing supplement suggestions), weight training, and cardio plans based on your schedule, goals and equipment access. You will also receive coaching from both Latisha and Heidi, having access to them by phone/text and email with any questions and support that you may have or need.

(once you have purchased this, you will be sent a questionnaire that you will need to fill out in detail, in order for us to be able to properly put your effective program together.)

Competition Prep and Posing:

We currently offer the following services, please contact directly for pricing.

  • Full Contest Prep Coaching
  • Posing for Bikini, Bikini, and Bodybuilding
  • Routine Choreography for Fitness, womens physique and bodybuilding competitors.

Other Services:

Heidi and Latisha are also available to customize a plan based on your needs, whether it's nutrition only or you are seeking customized workouts. Contact directly for options and pricing.


Simply Fit Personal Training and Fitness Consulting is an online service designed to fit the needs of any fitness levels from novice client just starting out and wanting to get fit in the comfort of home to the advanced trainee looking to sculpt a competition level physique. Whether you work out in your home or a state of the art facility, we can design a plan to fit your needs, schedule and most importantly your goals.

We also offer plans for the new moms who want to be fit and stay fit whether in the early stages of pregnancy or post partum we have safe and effective kid-friendly fitness solutions that will work for your lifestyle.

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